Chekhov’s Band — Eastern European Klezmer Music 1908-1913 (2019)

Chekhov's Band - Eastern European Klezmer Music 1908-1913 (2019)

Chekhov’s Band — Eastern European Klezmer Music 1908-1913 (2019)

Сегодня хороший день для ценителей раритетной еврейской клезмерской музыки, ловите вот чудесный альбом — Chekhov’s Band — Eastern European Klezmer Music 1908-1913 (2019).

Подробнее вот: (на английском)

“Our famous, Jewish orchestra, you remember, four violins, a flute and a double bass” (Gayev in Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, 1904)

Renair records are proud to announce the fourth of their series of issues exploring the story of Jewish recorded music.

Produced by Julian Futter and with a 40 page booklet written by the internationally renowned clarinettist and ethnomusicologist, Joel Rubin and the distinguished expert on Jewish recordings Mike Aylward, the recordings are put into their musical and cultural perspective.

For more than one-hundred years the recordings on this CD had lain forgotten and unheard in the EMI archives. Until their rediscovery, we had little idea of how a typical pre-first world war Eastern European Klezmer band actually sounded. What we knew was based on recordings made at a later date in the USA by recent immigrants.

This ground breaking release of these extraordinary early recordings rewrites the story of Jewish instrumental music. Their exuberance and life affirming feeling allow us a glimpse into a world that has completely vanished.

The recordings in this compilation cover all aspects of Jewish life, from Zionism to Syphilis, Cossacks and pogroms, some religion but a lot of dancing and fun on the way.


1 Dance In A Circle — Jewish Wedding Orchestra 3:23
2 Spring (Bulgarian Dance) — Titunshnayder 3:02
3 Bolgareska Romanian Fantasy — Giter’s Kharkov Orchestra 3:07
4 Masel Tow Der Schweiger — Czernowitzer Civilkapelle 2:26
5 Sher — Jewish Wedding Orchestra 3:15
6 Ukrainian Fantasy — Titunshnayder 3:33
7 Fantasy On Jewish Melody — J. Gegna 2:10
8 The 606 Dance — Jewish Wedding Orchestra 3:10
9 Merry Nights — A.S. Olevsky Orchestra 2:34
10 Choz- Jewish Melody — J. Gegner 3:21
11 Remebrance Of Zion — Titunshnayder 3:17
12 The Tainer Rebbe — Jewish Wedding Orchestra 3:15
13 Doina, Romanian Fantasy — Giter’s Kharkov Orchestra 3:05
14 The Rebbe’s Melody — Veinbren’s Orchestra 3:05
15 Flora, Romanian Zhok — Titunshnayder 3:14
16 Jewish Round Dance — A.S. Olevsky’s Orchestra
17 Good Day — Stupel’s Vilna Orchestra 3:23
18 Oriental Themes — Oscar Zehngut 5:58
19 Craculets Romanian Folk Song — Titunshnayder 3:04
20 Yiddle With His Fiddle — Jewish Wedding Orchestra 3:33
21 Bolgarskoe Popurri — Titunshnayder 3:10
22 Kopaczinecaer Chusid — Czernowitzer Civilkapelle 2:29
23 Pidutser’s Nign — Titunshnayder 2:56
24 Karaite Medley — Stupel’s Vilna Orchestra 2:44

Chekhov’s Band — Eastern European Klezmer Music 1908-1913 (2019)

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